Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent and St. Nicholas

We have been enjoying celebrating the past 2 Sundays of Advent with our candle lighting, cookies and cocoa. We started this tradition last year when Kelwyn was 2. He loves to blow out the candles when we are done. I have really enjoyed the time with my family and the peacefulness and silence we share with the dark and candle light. I like the cookies and cocoa too!The little ones woke up this morning for to see if St. Nicholas left any treats in their shoes they left by the door the night before. Kelwyn dumped out his nuts on the floor and was being such a sweet big brother by showing Adeline the nuts in her shoe. After breakfast we enjoyed reading some new books, The Story of the Snow Children and Around the Year. Both beautifully illustrated and sweet stories. Little elves and gnomes have also been visiting our Advent stocking every night. My plan was to knit 24 tiny advent stockings this fall so we would have one for each day. But, I only got 6 done. So, we are just using one for now and each night. Maybe next season......

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  1. just lovely. i love children in pjs. ;) we treasure both of those books. your children will love them for many years to come!